we’re baaaack

The drama of our site’s downtime is coming to a close. We’re in the process of recovering files and slowly but surely bringing the site back to what it was before the migration mishap. *BIG WHEW*

We’ll be back to normal operations shortly.

Again, big props to APA owned and operated PeachyHost who helped minimize the trauma for us by helping us with everything.


About xtinehlee

Hufflepuff. Honeybadger. Crisis Unicorn. Nuclear Submarine. Miracle Berry. Writer. Mom. Chicken Owner. Novel (GOLEM OF SEOUL) and memoir (TELL ME EVERYTHING YOU DON'T REMEMBER), both forthcoming from Ecco.
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One Response to we’re baaaack

  1. student in need says:

    Hi, I am a student. I emailed you guys but I’m not sure if you recieved it. One of my classes is requiring that we choose a literary magazine to talk about and I chose yours! The thing is one of our requirements for this project is to have a copy of your magazine. Unfortunately when i was on your site, the only thing available to order was an anthology. I was wondering if we could get in touch so i can purchase a copy of an issue? i don’t midn if its an old issue. thank you!

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