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Issue 8: Winter 2010 Issue Now Available

Kartika Review Issue 8 Winter 2010
We end 2010 with our 8th issue: new fiction by Matthew Salesses, Liz Iversen, and Krupa Harishankar; two select gems of poetry from Rajiv Mohabir and Peggy Lee; and we welcome back another creative non-fiction piece from David Mura; other CNF pieces from Michelle Chen and Ranjani Murali; and we introduce you to Emi Hattori.

This issue features an interview with Palestinian-American poet Suheir Hammad, who talks to us about breaking poems (Cypher Books 2008) and other writing endeavors.

With this issue, we bid farewell to long-time fiction editor Christine Lee Zilka, and welcome new co-managing editor Lloyd Liu.

Happy New Year, all!

Read Online: http://www.kartikareview.com/issue08.html

Download Full e-Journal in PDF: http://www.kartikareview.com/Kartika_Issue08.pdf

Support Kartika and order your print copy here: http://www.lulu.com/product/paperback/kartika-review-issue-8/14419641

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KWELI Call for Submissions

A friend of mine is a Contributing Editor at KWELI, and online litmag for writers of color.

Nelly Rosario was published in the first issue, and Victor LaValle author of Slapboxing With Jesus, The Ecstatic, and the fantabulous Big Machine will be published in the upcoming second issue. They’ve begun reading for their Fall/Winter issue.

The official Call for Submissions:

KWELI JOURNAL: Call for Submissions

Kweli Journal is a new online literary journal established to
identify, promote and nurture emerging writers of color. We also seek
to expand the audience of authors of color who already have a foothold
in the industry. Our mission, as editors and publishers, is to find a
broad, international audience for the artists that we publish and the
work that we find engaging and uncompromising.

The reading period for our Fall/Winter 2010 issue has now started.

Theme: Sanctuary
Deadline for Submission: September 16th

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Spring 2010, Issue 07, now available

Sometimes, good things come to those who wait. For us, that’s Issue 07.

Issue 07, featuring meditations on home by established APA voices, Elmaz Abinader, Peter Bacho, Alexander Chee, Justin Chin, Tess Gerritsen, Porochista Khakpour, Don Lee, Min Jin Lee, Yiyun Li, Ed Lin, David Mura, Shawna Yang Ryan, Lac Su, Kelly Zen-Yie Tsai, Thrity Umrigar, Sung J. Woo, and Bryan Thao Worra, is LIVE for your reading pleasure.

We’re beyond thrilled about this issue–from the lovely cover art to all the pieces from our contributors. We hope you’re thrilled, too.

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Issue 6 of Kartika Review is HERE

We did it! We conquered the last slushpile of the year. We made our no-going-back decisions. We selected our Pushcart Prize contenders.

Our Fall/Winter issue is bursting at its virtual seams with amazing fiction, poetry, creative nonfiction, art, and author interviews.

So, go on. Treat yourself. Download.

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we’re baaaack

The drama of our site’s downtime is coming to a close. We’re in the process of recovering files and slowly but surely bringing the site back to what it was before the migration mishap. *BIG WHEW*

We’ll be back to normal operations shortly.

Again, big props to APA owned and operated PeachyHost who helped minimize the trauma for us by helping us with everything.

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Kartika Review is still alive, site temporarily down

Christine, the Fiction Editor, speaking here…

Some of you may have gone to Kartika Review’s main site and seen the notice, “Kartika Review is suspendedunavailable.” (And thank you to our dear attentive readers who brought this to our attention–thanks to your vigilance, we were able to start the ball rolling on a fix for the problem).

No, we haven’t been bad in school and sent home suspended.No, we haven’t taken ourselves off the market. We’re still available. We are, to put it frankly, in the middle of changing hosting services, and it is not going as smoothly as we’d hoped. We desperately need a webmaster/webdesign/webdeveloper, now more than ever. (Any volunteers?)

We are hoping the site will be back up in a few days (I hope I hope I hope)–but in the interim, we are STILL TAKING SUBMISSIONS. Please email all submissions directly to kartika DOT review AT gmail DOT com.

Unfortunately, because of the migration issue, our aliases (i.e., fiction AT kartikareview DOT com, poetry AT kartikareview DOT com, etc.) are NOT WORKING, and so we ask you to email any and all correspondence to kartika DOT review AT gmail DOT com. If you sent us a manuscript after September 15, please RESEND us your manuscript to the gmail DOT com address.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. It is our wish to provide you great literature and art and to grow a community, not present you with technical issues!

And for the record–we’re going to have a FANTASTIC Fall 2009 issue. I can feel it in my bones and read it in the slushpile. We’ve got at least one Very Famous APA writer interview for the issue, someone we courted for a year until his schedule opened up for us. Verrry excited. So stay tuned. We’re not going anywhere.

p.s. We want to give a happy shout-out to our new hosting service, Peachy Host, an APA-owned and operated business that is helping us resolve this issue–oh, and I want to make it clear that our site downtime isn’t at all their fault, and that they’re going out of their way to help us out on this matter. 🙂

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New Creative Non Fiction Editor, Jennifer Derilo

Everyone, meet Jennifer…Jennifer, welcome to our slushpile. 🙂

We have a new Creative Non Fiction Editor, Jennifer (and if you haven’t noticed, we’ve re-titled Essays to Creative Non Fiction, with the intention of broadening the category). She’ll post here later but I wanted to mention the new CNF call for submissions specifying “work (memoir, reportage, letters, essay, etc.) that touches on themes including–but not limited to–identity, memory, family, culture, history, trauma, dislocation. Alternative formats and subject matter are nonetheless welcome.”

Jennifer and I (Fiction Editor Christine speaking here) met while pursuing our MFAs; very early on in our friendship, we discussed a pipedream of working on a litmag together (she is a sharp and encouraging editor, with a very good eye for talented work). That day has come.

Also–we’re open to submissions year-round. Every summer, the submission count dwindles (vacations? do we writers take vacations?)…but now that Labor Day’s around the bend, we’re looking to reading more of your work. Send them on in!

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Spring/Summer Issue 2009 is live!


Issue 5, Kartika Review’s Spring/Summer 2009 Issue is live!

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2008 Kartika Anthology Available

a proof of the Kartika Anthology!

In February, I posted about the potential of a 2008 Kartika Review Anthology; we were encouraged by your response, got our heads together and have now made it available to you for purchase.

Uncertain of how many copies would sell in its first run, and since we’re operating on a limited budget, we are making the anthology available to you at Lulu.com for $12.09. (cheaper than the initial $15 we thought we’d have to charge).

It’s a beautiful anthology! There’s nothing like seeing words in print, I think. 🙂

a proof of the Kartika anthology

(Again, we feel badly about charging our dear published Kartika writers and interviewees, but even now, we’re running on virtually zero funds–good that we can keep costs so low in this economy but not so good for expansion possibilities. And rewarding our writers with free copies and paying for stories is TOP of our list for a day when we can get funding).

Please buy it. Please enjoy it. Please spread the word!

The sale of this anthology will dictate our future plans to offer more hard copy issues of Kartika, and perhaps induce us to have a direct relationship with a printer/press and offer hard copy subscriptions. It’s a start.

Thank you for your support.

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